Resources and Publications

To support and encourage trainers in incorporating critically appraising for antiracism into their teaching, resources are provided below.

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Naicker, R. (2022). Critically appraising for antiracism. Education for Information; 38(4): 291-308. Available here

This paper was published in the CRT Collective special edition of Education for Information. The issue launches from the challenges of white supremacy within LIS and the demonising of Critical Race Theory within our societies.

Teaching Critical Appraisal for Antiracism. [Presentation] Ramona Naicker. 2022 UHMLG Spring Forum.

This session looks at how to identify racial bias in published research, how it impacts critical appraisal, and how this may be incorporated into teaching.

Critically Appraising for Antiracism Presentation for Facilitators

Critically Appraising for Antiracism Ramona Naicker, 2022. [Google Slides].

Template slides for trainers to use and adapt when teaching Critically Appraising for Antiracism.

Please credit if using.

Trainer Guide: Critically Appraising for Antiracism. Ramona Naicker, 2022. [Google Document].

A guide for trainers undertaking Critically Appraising for Antiracism sessions.

Includes session objectives, preparing for the session, delivery, resources and recommended reading.

Trainer Guide: Critically Appraising for Antiracism